Change YT account for a music already on YT with iMusician

I made a video clip for a song I released 2 years ago on YT with iMusician (on this channel :
My question is: can I upload the video clip on my own artist youtube channel and remove the music from the iMusician channel? And if so, how? Is there any legal restriction by doing this?
Hope I’ve been clear with my request.

Hello there,

If I understand you, you want to remove your release (which counts for stream views and thus for royalties) to just publish the clip version on your personal channel (not counting for royalties nor stream views). Is that correct?

If it is, please take a look at this article: How to take down a release or deactivate the Content ID? | iMusician

Otherwise, you could just publish your video clip while still keeping your release up. No problem in doing that!

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