Changer mon nom de groupe

Je souhaite changer mon nom de groupe .
Comment faire?
Merci d’avance

Hi @Francois :grinning:

thanks for your message.

I’ll mention @Fabiola and @Carlos from the iMusician team, who will take care of your request shortly. Please be patient.

Thanks and best regards

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Hello @Francoise

I see you have an Amplify+ subscription, so you can get direct support (within 24 hours).
Here’s how.

It is unfortunately impossible to change your artist name once your release is already online. What you can do is:

  • Request a takedown of all your releases distributed under the old name
  • Create the releases again with the new correct information (you will be required to pay to redistribute each release).

By doing this, you take the risk of losing your statistics.

If you have more questions regarding this, you can consult our FAQ: What if I need to correct something after a release was delivered?