Changing artist name


J’aimerais changer notre nom d’artiste pour une release que nous avons fait avec vos services artist name: Annibald ; Track name: Nous.

J’ai lu quelques topics sur le forum mais je ne trouve pas la procédure exact afin que je ne fasse pas de bêtise et sans perdre les écoutes ( elles ne sont pas beaucoup mais donc précieuse).

Pourriez-vous m’indiquer pas à pas ce que je dois faire s’il vous plaît? Devrons nous payer une ultérieur sortie ? La page actuelle d’artiste sera t-telle éliminer de toute les plateformes pour en créer une nouvelle ?

Merci pour votre aide.

Hi @AANIBALDI, thanks for your message.

Modifications are possible to our AMPLIFY+ customers and since this request might need additional changes (artwork, performers, contributors etc), I would advise you to get a AMPLIFY+ plan so that you also have support via email.

Otherwise, you can request such change opening the release you wish to edit and click on Edit > Request Change. You can write the modification in the text box.
Make sure to provide us with a new artwork (if the name is appearing on it), legal names of the contributors and performers (if Apple Music is selected), and artist profile links on Spotify/Apple Music (if existing).

Hope this help you to make the best choice and wishing you a great day!

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Hello Melani,

I appreciate your help. I tried the second option because, lucky us, we don’t have anything to change except the artist’s name. But by clicking on Ask a modification, I have the option to pay 10€ or to subscribe. I only wish to make that change so I don’t think subscribing to the AMPLIFY + would make sense, right?

thank you.

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Hey @AANIBALDI, glad to followed the steps! The change is 10euro as one month of AMPLIFY+, with the option to receive support email for one month :slight_smile:
It is definitely your choice ^^

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OK thank you. I have tried to select the single payment but it keeps bringing me directly to this page even before to ask for payment information.

If I subscribe to AMPLIFY +, I can cancel it whenever I want once the update is done, right ?

thank you very much


Sorry but after not being able to pay with Paypal, I’ve paid with my credit card the monthly subscription. The payment worked and now on my Imusician account I am still a free user and I am still not being able to make a modification.

Can you tell me what’s going on and fix it please ?

thank you

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Hi @AANIBALDI, hope you had a great weekend!

I confirm you that the subscription was paid successfully and the account shows AMPLIFY+. You can cancel it at any time going to Account > Manage subscription.

I see you have an unpaid invoice for your release, if you are not able to pay, try to make troubleshooting like:
-clear cache and cookies
-try with another browser

My suggestion is to keep your payment method stored in the account! Hope this helps and crossing my fingers!

All the best,