Changing artwork without AMPLIFY+

Dear iMusician,

Due to a change in our program, we were forced to adjust the cover of a single released by you. You will find the new version in the attachment. It concerns number EAN 40$621$276$59. 2 songs are on this with this artwork. On your site I read that modifications can be made if I have the AMPLIFY+ subscription. That is €100 euros. However, I don’t need all the features of this subscription, just the accessibility to adjust the artwork of this one single. Is it possible to find a solution and adjust this out of good service or a small price? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and support.

Kind regards, Peter.

Hey Peter,

thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify the following:
You don’t have to subscribe to our Amplify+ plan for 1 year if you don’t need too.
You can just opt in for 1 month (monthly payment 10 €) and see how it feels, and in the meantime get the modifications you need.

This means that, compared to our previous offer, where you should’ve paid 10 € for each modification, now you will pay half, and at the same time have the chance to try our high ends features. Nice, isn’t it?

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Yes great, thanks for the reply!

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