Changing the artist's name

Good afternoon!
Can you tell me how to change the artist name? And is it necessary to redesign the track covers?

P.S. One album was delivered to platforms via iMusician, and the other one throught another distributor. Would this not be a problem when changing the artist name? All ISRC and UPC codes are available

hi @rv_nick after a release it is not possible to change the artist name, please take a look at this: What if I need to correct something after my release was delivered? | iMusician
you might have to take down the release, republish it with the same isrc and the correct artist name
Let’s ask also @Carlos if I missed something here :v:

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And if i understand correctly, i need to do the same operation on another distributor? Because i have another album on it. Or will this be changed automatically in another release? @Andi

@rv_nick I would say so, yes, but I’d suggest to ask also your other distributor about the correct procedure to do the change on the album you released with them. Your changes to one distribution won’t affect other distributions. but let’s wait also for the answer of @Carlos @Melani


Hey hey, as @Andi said, it is not possible to change artist name of an online release :slight_smile:

You would need to go through the takedown process and recreation! Have a great day!