Check Samples in Songs

Hi, I would like to inquire about an album that I intend to distribute through you.

Some songs contain samples, is there a way to let you listen to my songs and once you get the ok on the samples, start distributing them? It would be 8 tracks.

Thanks in advance.

See you soon.

Hello. Tell us if iMusician replies to your question. I’m not iMusician but I would be cautious though when using samples except if they are public domain, Creative Commons CC0 or recorded by you. In other cases, like “attribution” or “commercial”, do check the copyright thoroughly…


Hello @naviberg and @Sirius,

sorry for getting back to you this late, but I missed your messages :pray:
Please check the License attached to the samples you purchased or downloaded. You will find a detailed answer on whether you can you that sample to create your own music and which contributors you need to add to the metadata.
For sure you won’t be able to activate the Content ID for those tracks.

Thanks Maurizio. In my case I don’t really use samples. In any case I create them myself (sounds of nature etc.) No download. Regards.

Hi @Sirius, there should be no problem to deliver a release with songs for which you used your own samples. :slight_smile:

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