Chosen shop doesn't appear in Artist Hub

it’s great that the Artist Hub gets an overhaul, but I’ve been having issues that still aren’t fixed in the new and shiny version.

I had a release 11 days ago, and in customize mode I’ve chosen Tidal to be listed as the #2 shop from the top. But it isn’t showing, even though the release is clearly in the shop:

Also, most of the times I enter customize mode, the files I’ve uploaded to the “press” section are missing and there’s a red line under the “press” heading. In these cases I haven’t dared to save my changes, and I’ve just leaved it, hoping for better luck the next day.

I’ve also had trouble saving the desired order of the shops, but that seems to work now, so that’s good.

Here’s my Artist Hub: Words in Vain

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Hi @2clever,

Thanks for the noting down a bug with press section. The issue is now addressed and your files should be displayed correctly after saving them.

In regards to the missing link, I see that our service is still scanning for links, but may have encountered some issues with requesting from Tidal. We will look into the Tidal issue and try to improve automatic link search. In the meantime you can always provide an override here.



Nice, I wasn’t aware of the custom link option! Thanks for the swift response!

Hey there @2clever we managed to find your release :tada:
As already mentioned, thanks for reporting the issue! Since you already added this manually there’s no need to change anything.

Have a great day and good luck with your release!

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