CID by a previous distributor

Hello, I am releasing an album with iMusician and some of the songs had been previously released by another distributor (CDBaby) and had YouTube monetization. CDbaby doesn’t use the term CID. I did, weeks ago, cancel those songs with them and their site says that monetization ends when distribution is cancelled.

So I think my songs are fine and ready for new CID with iMusician.

I’ve received a generic email from iMusician saying: ensure that your tracks are not impacted by ownership conflicts in the CID System.
My question is: Is there a website for the CID System and I can go in and make sure that the previous distributor is no longer appearing as the “collecting” entity. If there is such a website, where an artist can go in and “manage” ownership, what exactly are the steps to do there?

Also if after waiting some time, my tracks with the previous distributor no longer appear in the DSP’s, does that mean it has been enough time for the previous distributor to remove the monetization?
If it was not enough time, will I musician automatically keep trying several time for some weeks to take ownership?


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hi @dariointernet , let’s ask @Melani and @Carlos from the Team if they can help with this :v:


Hey @dariointernet,

You can see if the CID is still active by checking the description of the videos containing your tracks. If the song is listed, then it means that the CID is still active. Here’s an example of what it looks like :point_down:

Maybe the easiest way to check this is also simply to ask CDBaby to confirm when their CID takedown has been completed.

Regarding your second question: it’s crucial that your release is no longer online before you submit it to us, because if it isn’t then it can create some ownership conflicts which can result in the complete cancellation of the monetization.

To guarantee a smooth transition, make sure that the release is no longer available and monetized first and then place your order with us :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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