CID not Activated after 14 Days pls help

Hi, ive paid for the CID service at 7 February 2023, since then i received an email saying that my release have passed on an initial quality check.
My release its already online (since 9th march) in the streaming services but the CID is still not activated.
Can u guys fix it for me?

Can somebody help me?
Cause it looks like i dint payed for the CID, but i did.

@Maurizio @JJ_JJ could you help here? Thanks! :+1:

Still nothing.
Feeling frustrated.

@CanMusic @JJ_JJ
can somebody fix this for me?
wtf guys i’ve paid for this

Hi @Matheus

i can totally understand you. I’m also like you, someone from the community, and unfortunately I can’t help with this topic. I mention again some from the iMusician team.

@JJ_JJ @Maurizio @Christoph could one of you please take care of this issue. He has been waiting for a response for about two weeks.


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Hello @Matheus,

I’m sorry I missed your message (thanks @CanMusic for the heads-up!).
I checked your track (I guess you are referring to you and me), and noticed it wasn’t accepted by YouTube because there is a sample (ringtone at the beginning of the track).

Here you’ll find a list of reasons why a track can’t be monetized on YouTube.

Content ID was included in your price plan so no refund needed.

I hope I answered your doubts :slight_smile:

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