CID not working after almost a year

Hi team,

I write in regards to the following release:

This album was released on may 2022 (almost a year ago) however the CID is not active yet. When the tracks get uploaded to youtube, they are not recognized and when I check at the release on my imusician account it a appears as if I never paid for the service (which I did).

Could you please take a look and tell me what is going on?

Thank you and have a great day!

Hello @soundfiction,

I have deleted some informations (barcode and invoice details) for your safety, and addressed your issue to our YouTube Content ID experts. I’ll get back to you asap :+1:

Thank you, I’ll be waiting for your prompt resolution.

Hi Maurizio, any update?

Hey @soundfiction,

I’m glad to confirm the issue has been fixed :star_struck:

Thank you. I’m glad it was fixed. Could you please tell me what the problem was and why did it take so long to be fixed?

Got tracks from up to 2019 that are still not in CID… Would love a DM to fix this up asap.

Bonjour mon dernier album n’a pas non plus n’a pas le logo CID , Pouvez vous corriger le problème , YouTube ne détecte pas mes clip de ma chaine personnelle merci

wow I thought I was the only one… I really would like to know what the issue is, also a compensation should be put in place, I think

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Bonjour @ITUMI, je vous ai contacté par message privé