Cid showing delivered but not getting claims

Hi Sir/mam,
As i have requested many times earlier , i made a release EAN
It is delivered to the platforms which i paid and its showing the status of YOUTUBE CID delivered. But when someone is using this audio on YouTube its not getting claims on behalf of i musician digital ag. I have contacted many times but not get any resolution yet. Please check it is showing only the status that youtube content id is active but in real when someone using that song on youtube its not getting claims. Please i request you to analyse the issue as soon as possible.

Hopefully waiting for your response and not expecting the resolution as provided last many times.


Hi @Tuberavana , let’s try to ask if @Melani might be able to help you with this :v:

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Hey @Andi , thanks for the tag!!

@Tuberavana , checking :slight_smile: and getting back to you asap!

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Here I am @Tuberavana , I will send you a DM so you can contact us! :slight_smile:

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