Classical platforms

Is it possible for the songs we’ve uploaded to DistroKid to only be on Imusician on Apple Classical and Idagio?
How can we transfer tracks to Imusican, and what would be the cost?
Can uploaded singles be later combined into an album?
What happens to the uploaded tracks with you if we cancel the subscription?


Hello @MirkoTopalski.Music, thanks for your message!

This is definitely possible, just make sure that when creating your release in our dasboard, you are only selecting the shops where the music is not available yet.
Concerning the pricing, we have currently 3 plans and the subscription does not cover the distribution costs.
In order to distribute Classical Music release, it is better to have an AMPLIFY+ plan. Please have a look here for more:

If you decide at a later stage to downgrade to a FREE plan, nothing will happen to your releases. They will remain online and the only thing changing is the commission, that is connected to the sub. So, in case of a FREE plan, we will keep a commission of 10% of your revenue for the time you are on the FREE plan.

Hope this helps and kudos for your music!