Classical streaming services - Primephonic is no more?

Hi. I’m Gareth Glyn, a composer of classical music, and looking for suitable streaming services (I already use Spotify and Deezer through iMusician). I watched your recent webinar with interest. In it, Primephonic was one of two classical services mentioned by one of your presenters, but, as far as I can make out, that service hit the dust a while ago. Am I right in thinking that Idagio is the only one left?

Hi @GarethGlyn you’re right - IDAGIO is one left but there’s other Hi-Res shops such as Qobuz or TIDAL who cares a lot about the quality of the music they offer and they have good curators for classical music.

That’s great, thanks. Does that mean that if I sign up for Amplify+, my music will appear on those shops?

…by which I mean: is it guaranteed that they appear, or are they screened for suitability by the curators of the service and night be rejected for some reason?

There’s no restriction for TIDAL and Qobuz as far as I know and regarding IDAGIO, I’ll tag @tobibobi and @Kuo just to confirm.

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