Connect to YouTube account

Hi I don’t understand how to connect myself to the YouTube account that Imusician created for my first release.
Also I have another issue: there is a song that is not mine on my YouTube channel, it’s called “Ma meilleure pote”, it’s from another artist with the same name as me. The only release I own is the EP “Disrupted”. Can you please fix this issue

Hey @nast

Thank you for your message.

@Carlos, @eriahummingbird will get back to you shortly.

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Hello @nast,

  1. The Topic channel that is auto-generated by YouTube is unfortunately not the kind of channel that you can log into. If you want to “have control” over YouTube’s auto-generated channels, you can request an official artist channel (please make sure to read the eligibility criterias before submitting a request). You can find more info on Topic channels here:

  2. Could you please provide the link to that release so we can ask YouTube to move the release to another channel ? :slight_smile: