Content ID not working apparently

Hi, I just realised the content id for my track title “Falling For You” is not working. I was going through my track management in the library and the Content ID button was disabled there and I was not able to turn it back on (seemed frozen). I went to YouTube studio to check the views and no month matches my sales data in imusician dashboard.

Why is this happening?

hi @ftk let’s ask @Carlos and @Melani if they can take a look at this :v:


Hey @ftk,

The CID monetization is active on this track:

Keep in mind that the views you see on your video analytics don’t necessarely translate to monetization, as these numbers need to be filtered before by YouTube they’re handed out to the distributor (these filterred numbers are the ones you see on your iMusician dashboard under “Sales Overview”).

All non-organic streams/views are de-monetized (because that’s fraudulent activity) and that explains the discrepancy you observe.