Contrat, rémunération


Notre juriste a besoin de recevoir le contrat correspondant à la facture que nous avons réglée le 3/01/23
(N° client 3365708). Nous n’avons a disposition qu’une facture et contrat introuvable sur le profil imusician.

Nous avions pris une formule ROCK STAR, nous garantissant 100% des royalties, or sur notre page rapport de revenus nous voyons afficher commission sur les ventes : 10% ?

Enfin, les détails mensuels de rapports de vente n’affichent jamais le même montant par stream ? pour quelle raisons ?
exemple :
juin : 2092 streams pour revenu de 1,47€
avril : 1091 streams pour revenu de 3,44€

et merci de me dire combien nous sommes rétribués par stream: car en faisant le total : 13400 streams pour 19,17€ de royalties cela fait 0,0014€/ stream , pas du tout ce qui est conclu ???

Merci de vos réponses sur ces points et dans l’attente du contrat initial

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Hi @KARMACHAOS, thanks for your message.

I confirm you that your releases that were delivered using our old tariffs system (Rockstar) will remain online with the old conditions. T However, the dashboard has been now updated with the new pricing and if you are on a FREE plan, it is normal that you see the 10% on the sales/revenue tab. No worries, I confirm you that the commission connected to your old releases is equal to 100%.

When comes to the revenue, there is not direct correlation between counted streams and monetized streams. Please note that not every stream that is counted is monetized. Plus, there is no a certain price per stream but it can change due to different factors: geography, type of user (free or with premium), royalties split with distributors and the specific royalty system of each shop.

Additionally to the topic of the revenue, we receive sales data with 4-5 months delay. This month we will be processing the sales revenue for the month of January 2024, therefore some adjustments might happen in the sales data of the incoming month.

If you see any discrepancy between the number of streams reported on our Music Analytics and on your Spotify for Artist, we can definitely have a check. I will send you a DM for that and for the invoice :slight_smile:

Have a great day!