Copyright infringement takedown

Hi Community,

I have artist that has uploaded music work on Imusician and I am requesting a takedown of my musical work on all platforms. I have the stems and metadata.



Hi @Dtekt,

Takedown can be requested from your dashboard directly! Please have a look at our FAQ.

Sorry to hear about it and let us know if we can help anyhow! :slight_smile:

Hi Melani,

The takedown is from your own releases it seems. I have followed the FAQ but my dashboard (library) is empty.
How can u takedown other artist music?

Kind regards,

Hi @Dtekt, tahnks for your reply!

Takedown can be initiated only accessing the iMusician account where contains the release that you want to takedown. At this point, maybe it is better to share our FAQ eith your artist.

I hope this helps and all the best!