Cost Of Express Delivery and Priority Delivery on Amplify Plus Subscription

What is the cost of Express Delivery and Priority Delivery for a release after subscribing to amplify plus.

So if I pay $10 for amplify plus

And $9 for the release

How much do I pay for Priority Delivery?

How much do I pay for Express Delivery,?


Hello @AlmightyBillionaire

Thanks for your message.

Express Delivery β€”> $20
Priority Delivery β€”> $40

These prices apply to all subscription plans.


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@cantheproducer if I am releasing 2 tracks under a single , am I paying $20 for the 2 tracks or $40 for the 2 tracks , that is $20 per track?


A single can contain up to 3 tracks, none of them longer than 10 minutes. When you release two tracks as a single you pay $9. If you would like to have this delivered expressly (box with green border), an additional $20 will be added to the $9. If you don’t want express delivery, but prefer priority delivery (box filled in green) then $9 + $40.



Single (two Tracks) with Standard delivery = $9
Single (two Tracks) with Express delivery = $9 + $20 = $29
Single (two Tracks) with Priority delivery = $9 + $40 = $49


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