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I translated the song “Cold Water” by Tom Waits into Italian. Through the Italian sub-publisher which deals with the rights of Mr. Waits and his label in Italy, I requested recognition of my Italian adaptation to be able to publish and distribute it.

My adaptation was approved by both authors of the song. If you need I have the authorization by the sub-publisher. In this document is made clear that my adaptation “Acqua fredda" and its lyrics are an alternative title and lyrics to the original work.
I believe this is a cover with Italian text authorized by the authors and publisher. Can I proceed with the publication?
The song was also already released in March this year with another distributor, so there shouldn’t be any problems. But I want to be sure!

Thank you for your time


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Hello @nico.piccinni

Thanks for your message.

Here you can find an article about this topic → How To Distribute A Cover, Edit, Remix or Mashup? | iMusician

If you have any further questions, please contact us here in the forum.


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Hi @cantheproducer thank you for your reply.
I have already read every section of that article of this topic, I don’t know if you need this document from the sub-publisher that authorized me the publication of the song (and how can I send you if you need it), or if I can proceed directly to point 1 filling all the right information (composer, lycist and publisher) during the upload.
Thank you very much for your time

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Thank you for your feedback.

Definitely enter all contributors when creating the release.

The document can be submitted by email. That is also needed.

@Carlos will get back to you here shortly for further information, if he has anything else to add.



Thank you very much for your support @cantheproducer
I’m waiting for @Carlos and the email address to send the document to
Thank you


Hey @nico.piccinni,

Just as a little clarification; based on the description you’ve provided, this is not a Cover but an Edit as explained here.

You can send the licence to the adress so our team can review its validity :slight_smile: