“crédit promotionnel” To “crédit cache”


Mes revenus ont été générés en “crédit promotionnel” dont je ne peux pas demander le versement.
Je ne trouve aucune aide à ce sujet sur votre site.
Comment faire pour faire convertir mes crédit promo en crédit cache afin de faire un virement ?

Merci !

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Hello @Sweet.Label

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly.


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Hi @Sweet.Label,
Have you logged into your iMusician account after one year?

Cash credit in your account (normally from sales and royalties) can be used to buy other services (in part or in full) or be paid out. Your cash credit will not expire as long as you login at least once every year, after which we reserve the right to convert outstanding cash credit into Promo-credit to minimise exchange rate risk.
Plus, I wanted to check but can not find your email associated to the iMusician account.

I am sending you a DM to solve this :slight_smile: