Crystal Lake (vocal remake) - AlexGB231 ft SOLARIA from Synth V

This is a remake of a piece I had made a long time ago, back in around 2017 or 2018. It started out sounding not too impressive, but it did at least have a promising musical theatre type of vibe that I did want to expand upon, so I went and remade the song in 2022 to make it flow better, and I also wrote a few new sections for it as well that I thought fit in nicely. However, the remake I did in 2022 was still an instrumental and did not contain any vocals. But now, in 2024, with the help of SOLARIA, I’ve finally gotten around to remaking this song with lyrics and vocals added! It’s a pretty catchy one, and it has pretty strong musical theatre vibes, to me, at least (which SOLARIA’s voice enhances quite a lot!). I hope you enjoy it!


nice one! I completly agree :smiley:


Amazing! :sunglasses: :metal: