Deezer for Creators - Having another artists on my profile

I have some others singles from another artist on Deezer for Creators app and website:

Is it possible to remove those?


Hi there! Thank you for your message.
@Maurizio will come to help you starting next week. There is no work on weekends, thank you for your patience :pray:


Hi @liamphanmusic :slight_smile: ,

Can you please send us the links of these releases, as well as the link of your artist profile ? We’ll contact Deezer and ask them to remove these releases from your profil.

Thanks in advance !

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Here you go:

My artist profile:

Sadly I cannot access those release on my Deezer, they cannot be search…

Thanks for the links @liamphanmusic .

We won’t be able to do anything before the others releases are online and have their URL links. Maybe you can see with Deezer what they can do on their side. Otherwise please come back here with the links once these releases are out.

Have a nice day !

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Weird, those were already there since September 2022… Maybe a country restriction ?