Delete an artist profile in Spotify

Hello, I have two artist profiles on Spotify due to an error on my part when uploading a recording. I would like the two to merge. Is that possible? My profile links are:
Oscar Avila Calvo (This profile have to disappear)

Oscar Avila (This is the profile I want):


Thank you.

Hello @miaskovsky,

Unfortunately it is not possible to “merge” profiles on Spotify, all the more since the two profiles have different names (“Oscar Avila” and “Oscar Avila Calvo”) :confused:


Ok, then I would like to delete the profile of “Oscar Avila Calvo”. Could you tell me what I have to do? Thanks.


You cannot “delete” an artist profile once it has been created. Also, I’m not really sure I understand what the issue is because the release “Metamorfosis” appears on both profile. This is because it’s a classical release and in that case composers are always added as artists (which is why both your artist name and legal name have an artist profile) and it’s completely normal.


There isn’t much to do here to be honest :thinking:


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