Delete my old email account is (DELETED BY MODERATOR)

Please close my old account, please .
Because I don’t need to use with old account but I can use new email account is

Please delete my old account , please.
I press but can’t delete and permanent this A/C at all.

Please cancelled and let me get my money from refund in old A/C, (DELETED BY MODERATOR)

And there are strange, you don’t believe them that would like to close account like me.

Please refund in old account and let me get back by refund from you, please.

Hi @pornthip.pipt12320

Please do not share personal information such as email addresses in the community.

@Carlos from the iMusician Team will contact you via DM for any specific information he needs to solve your issue, but please do not share your information here!


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Hello @pornthip.pipt12320,

The procedure to close your iMusician account is explained here : How do I close my iMusician account? | iMusician



I submitted a request to close my account 15 days ago! but it was not closed after the end of the period (as mentioned in your procedures) I don’t have any releases

I would like to close my account permanently (a copy of the application with attachments)

Note: I did not open my account for 15 days, and I did not receive any e-mail after ordering

HB Studio Label (Abdelhamid Ait ben aoumar)

Hey @hb_studio

Thank you for your message . @Carlos will get back to you next week. There is no work on weekends.

Best regards,


Hello @hb_studio,

Please check your spam folder. If you didn’t get anything, you can try to relaunch the process from your dashboard :slight_smile:




No, I did not find any email from your site in my spam folder! ok, I will repeat the process from the platform as long as you ask me to

HB Studio Label

I just repeated the process, and have not received any email to confirm the process

HB Studio Label

Bonjour @hb_studio, je vous ai envoyé un DM


Bonjour, ok merci…

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