Deleted from instagram and Facebook

Hi @SimonG ,

I try again. I don’t know if you can help me but I sincerely don’t understand what happened and how can I solve it.

My name is martina. I just realised that my song (coffee & road) has been deleted from Ig and Fb even though I’ve never register it in the SIAE (in italy all music listed in the SIAE have been removed from Meta as they are not finding an agreement).

Did iMusician register Italin music in siae lists?

Thank you

hey @Mtn

Thanks for the message, I am not the best to answer this tho - one of my awesome colleagues will try to get you an answer (@Christoph can I tag you with this one, thanks).

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Hi @Mtn

Following a recent legal dispute between the company Meta (Facebook/Instagram) and SIAE (Italian collecting society), a large amount of music content has been removed from both platforms.

This also seems to affect the repertoire of other collecting societies such as SUISA. Here is their official statement on the situation:

We’ll keep an eye on developments in this matter for now and will keep you updated as soon as we know more.


Hi @Christoph ,
Thank you for your reply. What I don’t understand is why I’ve been removed from Meta as I’m not in SIAE or SUISA archives. I didn’t register my song in any of the two systems.
Could you help me to understand?
I’ve not contacts infornation to “ask to IG” directly.

Thank you!

Hi @Mtn No problem. I’ll have a closer look to see if there’s any other reason.
I’ve sent you a dm so you can forward me your account details.

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Il mio pezzo è stato cancellato da Ig e Fb e laddove era presente non è più riproducibile!!!
Io non l’ho mai registrato alla siae. Com’è possibile sia stato cancellato?
Mi potete aiutare a risolvere?