Deleting a release including a single and replacing it by a new release including this single and a new one and keeping the nb of streams of the first single

A couple of months ago I released a single including one track -
This month I’ve recorded an acoustic version of this track and would like to replace my former release by a new release with the same title and release cover, but this one would include the acoustic version and the previous studio version

It’s not exactly a waterfall because at the end I just want to display one release but with two tracks and not one, and I want to avoid to lose the streams associated with my first track already released.

Is this possible? I’m not sure I found my answer by exploring iMusician resources, the only element of answer was to release a new single, adding the previous track in the process, and naming the release exactly the same + attributing the same artwork.

Let me know if this is unclear and million thanks for your help!!



hi @marwaunordest , you should in any case take note of your ISRC number in order to not loose the streams etc. I’m tagging also @Melani here to see if she can add something more to your question :v:


Hi Andi! Thanks for your help. Yes I’ve got my ISRCs well noted. Looking forward to Melani’s input!


Hey @marwaunordest,

In any case, it’s not possible to simply “replace” your previous release with the new one without recreating it. What I mean is that there are essentially 2 options:

  1. You keep the initial single online and simply create a new release with the acoustic version added to it (so you’ll end up with two releases online) or;
  2. You takedown the initial single, wait 4 weeks for the release to be removed by all the shops and then recreate it with the acoustic version added to it.

In both cases, your streams are stored in your ISRC codes so make sure to use “Include from Library” when adding to a release a song that’s already been distributed to the shops.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: