Desert Island Disks

So, let’s imagine you’re about to be stranded on a desert island. For some reason, there will be a record (or CD /MP3) player and you’re allowed to take 3x albums with you to listen to for the rest of eternity on this island.

Which 3 albums do you take? (You’re definitely only allowed 3!)

Tagging @Christoph, @Marta, @Jordan @zirnoise @A2D and @andi_zigon to start us off!


@Si_G yeah!

  1. Pink Floyd - A momentary lapse of reason, to avoid loosing it
  2. Depeche Mode - double album 101 (Live), for the energy
  3. Anoushka Shankar - Live at Carnegie Hall, a multicultural musician mood

Only 3 :sweat_smile: :palm_tree:

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Nice choices @A2D !

I’ll take:

  • Tool - Lateralus (my fav album ever)

  • Hans Zimmer - Dune soundtrack (it’s been my favourite OST this year)

  • Queen - A night at the Opera (One of the first albums i listened to)

What would you choose @Si_G ?


@zirnoise nice choices too. I will discover Tool :headphones:

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Nice choices both !

New finds for me… Anoushka Shankar… hauntingly beautiful, thanks @A2D and Lateralus - Tool will be played at our next BBQ for sure @zirnoise nice choice.

OK - so now you guys will see why everyone thinks my music choices are weird… (@Jordan will agree)

1. Paul Simon - Rhythm of the Saints
My Mum used to play this all the time and it opened my ears to different sounds. As a side note, many years later I joined (several) Carnival Samba Bands and ended up playing at the ridiculously crazy Coburg Samba Festival in Germany

2. Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation
Every time I listen to this I am back to the same place - Mountain Bike racing in the UK (which I did until a very gnarly injury put me out of action)

3. Reel Big Fish - Turn the Radio Off
Alrighttt… everybody … don’t stop skanking (yes I know different album, but same moves). Absolutely love ska (My Dad was a “Mod” when he was younger and the love of ska just kept on going through the family, although with a bit more of a rock vibe. Also - I have seen RBF 6 or 7 times now… not even ashamed. :laughing:

Tagging @leapfidei @Ugur @frantic as I haven’t seen you guys for a while!


@Si_G thank you. The Prodigy is really great ; I watched the video “Firestarter” on youtube again a couple of weeks ago :wink:


Man, I really dig Rhythm of the Saints. Great album!

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nooot an easy choice haha, so let’s start:

  1. Deep Purple - Live in Japan
  2. Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Deluxe reissue)
  3. Doors - The Doors

but we can discuss the Jimi Hendrix thing as it is almost like cheating being it a 4 disc album. Whilst deep purple with it’s two LPs seems fair to me, what do you think?


@andi_zigon It will be a beter Desert Island for sure :ok_hand:

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@A2D maybe we can exchange disks from time to time, I like yours a lot, too haha but to be honest, I would listen to every chosen album so far :blush:.

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@andi_zigon could be supercool :dvd:

Oh, I added The End of a Dream to my playlist on spotify to listen to it also :notes:

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@Si_G would that even be allowed on our desert islands to establish a disk exchange service? haha but yeah having to choose 3 is quite hard! And what I particularly like in your choice is that you have something for every mood in it :metal:

@A2D woooow, thaaanx! :blush: means really a lot to me!
I have added Underround to my playlist on Spotify, it’s a really particular song that I like a lot!
btw which is your playlist?

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I mean we’re supposed to be on our own desert islands, but sure - let’s make an iMusician community island and we can all swap disks - so far we have a very good collection.

@Jordan - will probably bring some good rock / punk?


@andi_zigon yeah! thank youuuu I feel beter on :desert_island:.

My playlist is supercool :point_down:

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@A2D it’s really supercool!!! :smiley:

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Out to everone here (@zirnoise @A2D @andi_zigon @Si_G) for these albums! Really nice spontaneous soundtrack to kick off the week :headphones: :palm_tree:

Somehow forgot about that Tool record… so good

Tough to whittle it down to 3 but I’ll toss these into the mix

  1. Sade - Love Deluxe

As close as it gets to a perfect record IMO. Sade heals. @CamiGuellil - can hear some Sade influence in your music :wink:

  1. Everything but the Girl - Walking Wounded

My uncle played me this record on a family trip when I was 18ish and it blew my head open with the blending of genres, production style, and Tracey Thorn. Can hear the influence on a lot of R&B music today, and pretty much all of The xx.

  1. Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus

Technically a song and not an album BUT somehow feels perfect for losing your mind stranded alone on a desert island. Beautiful, absurd, heartbreaking, all the feelings.

Kicking this on to @MailandScope @Lento @frantic @Doorshan to hear their picks :palm_tree:


@Nicholas plenty of splendid voices in that choices :desert_island: