Destiny is out now 🪩

Hey Everyone ! I’m really happy to share with you my new single “Destiny” :
Very happy to present my new single “Destiny” which has a double meaning; he expresses the desire to go further as a couple, to share his love with his soul mate, without worrying about tomorrow, and to build his life as a couple with the most beautiful memories. It also expresses the destiny of each person, our life path and what we are missioned to do on earth.

I would be delighted to know what you think in the comments !

Cheers :v:t2:


Hey @Tiamwills

Thank you for sharing your new single :slight_smile:

First of all, happy release! I listened to the song. This sounds dope! The lyrics and the instrumental harmonize very well with each other.

I wish you much success with the release, and keep it up! :sunglasses: :clap:


Thanks you so much :pray: