Different audio formats

Any plans of introducing the possibility of uploading different audio formats depending on the streaming service? e.g. for Tidal: MQA, Apple music: mastered for iTunes,…
Those things should be included in the AMPLIFY plan.

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In short… yes… details tbc.

We have quite a backlog of features we want to release in the next couple of months and we will involve the community in which are the priorities for you all.

Let us know below which of the formats would help you best

Absolutely Dolby Atmos, first of all…! So the ability to provide 32bit masters would be interesting but I don’t think any platform supports them yet. As for TIDAL’s MQA, I’m afraid the issue is quite complex. Apple Digital Masters already works flawlessly, since 6/7 years at least. Keep up the good job, iM! :love_you_gesture:t4:

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