Different streaming numbers for Spotify

Hi everybody

I was just comparing streaming numbers from our band’s last two releases and there is a huge difference between iMusician’s and Spotify for Artist’s numbers. In total iMusician counts 2900 streams while Spotify alone counts more than 280000 streams for the same time period (April 20 - October 22). Spotify claims that their streaming numbers are correct after we asked them.

Does anyone have an idea why those numbers differ? Would be interesting to know how iMusician counts streams. Happy to provide more information if needed.


Hello @motown_mikey and welcome to the community :wave:

This is indeed a huge discrepancy. Off the bat we are most likely comparing trend data with sales data…
Still there is a big difference.

Let’s try and narrow things down a bit:
Can you DM me an ISRC and the streams for a single day (within the time range you reported)?
In addition can you DM me an ISRC and share the streams for a day within the past two weeks?

I would like to compare the numbers to the sales but also the trends.
There is already a slight difference on how we report trend data, as we do not include streams that are not monetized.
In any case the difference seems quite high.

But let’s figure things out step by step.

Thanks for your help!

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