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Hi, hope everyone is well and making bangers.

I have beeen doing some research and found out spotify for artists has a mode called ‘discovery mode’ that pushes your song to an increased amount of people for increased reach.

Apparently only a few distributors like cdbaby and distrokid are supporting the feature. Does iMusician support this feature or are we working towards doing so in the future?

I think this is a feature needed very much by new and upcoming artists.


Hello @Debreu,

We’re not yet distributing to Spotify with the Discovery Mode. However it’s important to note that this feature is still in a beta phase and Spotify is currently working on expanding its access to all artists, so expect to hear from us about this as things evolve on their end :slight_smile:

For now, I recommend reading the information provided by Spotify to learn more about their new feature : Help - Getting access to Discovery Mode – Spotify for Artists


Hi, thanks for the reply. Hope they release it to more artists very soon. Have a nice day!


Hi Carlos
It’s December now. Do you have any news on this subject? I know that other distributors already have feature in use.

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Hello @sneakattack

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.



Hey @sneakattack,

No update on this I’m afraid.

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