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Dear Imusician,

With one of our singles (Raggle Taggle), one of our contributors, (remixer), has this single connected to her own Imusician/Spotify account. She did not agree to this and wants this removed from her artist account. She is still a contributor but does not want this connected to her IMuscian (not visible on Spotify). Also how is this even possible?

I’ve send an e-mail earlier (with more details) about this not realizing support has moved here. Is there anyway this can be fixed. I don’t see options for this in our or her dashboard in Imusician.

We love some help here dear people from Imusician.

Hey @Torgar

Thanks for your message - can I just clarify a couple of points with you and - thanks for your patience in advance…

  1. Did the remixer upload the track via iMusician?
  2. Is the remixer named as a contributor on Spotify only

If it is option 2 - this can be done via a track modification. this will edit the track uploaded in your accountbut it is worth noting that the remixer will lose out on some royalties from publishing if they are signed up to a publisher.

If it is option 1 - then the Remixer will need to login to their account and “takedown” the track.

Please let me know if any of this helps or if I am completely wrong in my guesses!

As a (part) Irishman myself - I am loving your version of Raggle Taggle! glad I could hear it - have hit you up with a follow on Spotify also - please please submit to our community playlist, would love to have your sound there!

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Hi SimonG,

Thanks for your response! Good to hear you’re loving Raggle Taggle! <3

For this number we have this person (remixer) as a contributor. She did not upload anything herself. We did that and added her as a contributor. It was just not supposed to happen that Raggle Taggle would be visible on her Spotify Artist account. She wants that gone. But we can’t make it happen or know how to.

In short:
The Remixer is as a contributor (she did not upload the track herself) but it shows up in her own Spotify Artist account. She wants that gone.

Thnx for your help

@SimonG Is there a way she keeps being a contributor without losing royalties and that it not shows in her Spotify artist account? Thank a million!

Hey @Torgar :v:

Thank you for your message.

@Carlos from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request.

Best regards

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Hello @Torgar,

What is the barcode of the release you’re referring to ?