Distribution: probleme lors de l'upload de mon fichier

Lorsque j’essaye d’uploader mon fichier pour ma sortie, j’ai ce message d’erreur: Duplicate file detected. Please add the track from your library or verify if it’s associated with another account.

Alors que je n’ai aucun titre dans ma bibliotheque, et que je n’ai aucun autre compte imusician

Hello @Pauls, thanks for your message.

Could you please make some troubleshooting like clearing cache and cookies, and try it again. I see you started a release but not inserted any information in the delivery section.
Please add the info in the order our system is providing.

We remain at your disposal if the error occurs again and please send us a screenshot.

Hope this helps and have a great day!

All the best,

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Hi Melani,

Thx for your answer.
Today it’s working, didn’t even had to erase cache and all, it worked just fine.

But I still have a problem: in the track section, anytime I click on the track, I have a window opening with all the informations, that I did filled. But when I close it, the box of the track is unticking, which doesn’t allow to include the track, and then go to the next section.

Is there anything I did not understand about this page? Am I doing something wrong?

You’ll find screenshots below.

Thanx in advance

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Hi Melani, do you have any info for me?

Bonjour Paul,

J’ai exactement le meme problème avez vous trouvé une solution ?

Je vous remercie par avance,


let’s tag @Melani :v:

please do tag @Melani

Hey @Pauls and @Kate.Massein , most likely you have not entered the composer or the lyricist (in case the songs have lyrics). There should be a little text under the Contributors section :slight_smile:

No worries, no huge error! I cross my fingers and hope you ll be able to complete your releases!

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Specifically, @Pauls, you are missing the lyricist! ^^

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I will now close this as I see you are also talking to my colleague! Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,

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