Do I need to sign up for an Amplify Subscription to publish music on IDAGIO?

Hi! When I enter the place of preparing a release it is not showing me IDAGIO as an option. But the reason we want to use iMusician is to publish classical music for which IDAGIO seems to be the only platform at the moment. If it is not showing me IDAGIO as an option but there is a button that say “upgrade to publish classical music” I assume we will have to pay the 50 Euros and then we can access IDAGIO? I just want to be extra sure before we sign up, that this is really the case.
Thank you!

Hey @duo-kermani-gentili

Welcome to iMusician and Happy Friday.

As a “premium shop” I can confirm that you do need to be subscribed in order to release on IDAGIO (plus Apple Music for classical).

You would need to be subscribed to AMPLIFY+ in order to get access to this shop.

You can pay either 1x per year or you can also pay monthly

Please do let me know if you have any other questions and I look forward to hearing your releases :slight_smile:

Hey! Thank you for the answer. Okay that is good to know so its not even AMPLIFY but AMPLIFY+ that we need to subscribe to?
I strongly suggest that you modify the presentation of the different subscription models, meaning that the potential subscriber can see what they can access with which subscription. So not only seeing the listed differences but also the actual different shops/platforms that can be accessed only with different subscriptions. Or for example a digital pathway that explains accurately what you need to do in order to publish a specific genre. I had to go out of my way, create another account here and write the question, which is what most potential customers would NOT do. Hope this can support the betterment of this platform! Thank you and have a great day.


Absolutely take your point on board here and thank for the feedback (and enthusiasm). We are in the process of improving our messaging and the information provided specifically for the classical Gernre.

I’ll also ping @Lucas who is running this process to see your feedback!