Do I still have to pay for releases after subscribing to AMP+?


First of all, hello to all fellow artists and imusician team who have been extremely helpful with the support e-mails. I have paid for a rockstar package for my first release back in December but I have requested a takedown due to an artist name change. I have then subscribed to the AMP + package and I am now trying to submit my song again for release but it is asking me to pay 9 euros to release the single. I though the subscription packages gave us unlimited releases? Why do I have to pay again for a release I don’t understand, can somebody please explain?



Also should it be saying ‘default’ for the plan or is this a bug :joy:

So as I understand it, you pay the subscription for the corresponding services and the 0% commission. However, a release always costs extra. This can be seen on the homepage in the prices. :blush:



Thanks for your reply. Phew I’ve already paid 150 euros and my first track is not even live yet :joy: I thought studio equipment is where the paying stops but apparently not lol

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Nevertheless, it is worth it. I am very satisfied with iMusician. Other providers are not flexible in what they offer and are relatively more expensive.
I wish you much success with your release. I would be happy to receive a link to listen to it.
Many greetings
Flo :blush:


I have looked at other distributors and decided on imusician, and I do not regret anything about it at all, the support have been amazing and very resourceful. My only small concern is having to pay extra to make changes to small things and all other platforms offer free releases (plus re-submissions) on their paid programs, however I also understand that imusician is relatively young and probably needs the extra funding to grow.

I will make sure to link here when my first release goes live on the 9th of Feb!


@Jordisk thanks for the feedback, the whole line is gone now as to avoid further confusion in the future!


Thanks for the info about changes @Jordisk - it is something we’ll take into consideration