Do you use emails/newsletter to share your music with your fans?

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  • No

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Hey all,

  • I’d like to know if some of you are using emails (like a newsletter) to keep informed your fans and promote your new music, products and music video?

  • If you do, which tool do you use?

Thanks a lot!


I’d like to learn about this as well. Please let me know if you gain any insights

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I have a record label and I send emails to my customers and people who subscribed to our newsletter. This helps connecting with them and sharing what we planned with our artists and the upcoming releases - we sometime share special discount codes and special items (like liquid vinyl limited edition).

As an artist, I think it’s really important to connect with your fans and superfans. Email is one way to do it. There’s plenty of tool out there to help you out creating newsletter/email like Mailchimp or MailerLite.

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Hey @Efosasimon - We are thinking of adding this to our Artist Hubs (aka give your fans the opportunity to subscribe to emails from your Artist Hub.

At the moment my recommendation is as follows:

  1. Absolutely, under no circumstances, use your own “personal” email accounts. This will result in you getting marked as spam and, eventually, none of your emails getting through to people who value your content.
  2. I would recommend using a service such as MailChimp (for now, until we build an epic tool of course). This allows for all of the management of email lists (including whitelists, managing unsubscriptions etc). Of course to do this you will also need a landing page / website in order to collect these email addresses.
  3. As far as we know, there isn’t a service specific for musicians, or one that manages all of the data protection / legal side automatically and, a lot of services are built for bigger businesses, hence why we’re thinking of building something like this.

And to everyone voting No…

Is it because it is too difficult or just something you’re not interested in?

Definitely a great add, and most welcome. Yes, I’ve tried bulk email softwares and the limitation is that you need a subscriber base and it’s illegal to send emails to extracted mails. So please add email subscription service… Honestly, I just focus on making music.

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@Efosasimon This is where we want to get to! We know that there is so much a musician needs to do in order to become successful and it’s so many skills to learn when, really, you just want to focus on making music.

Extracted emails or purchased emails have two problems

  1. Depending on the country - probably illegal
  2. Probably not worthwhile as you don’t know if the people are interested.

I remember seeing an artist I have in my roster having a book at their shows at the merch table for fans to fill out their names and email and agreeing on being added to their newsletter. It’s a bit archaic but I found it cute and it worked!

So, for now you can focus on making music and we’ll focus on helping you with the email database! :slight_smile:

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Archaic and not really data protection proof (anyone can see the list and potentially “steal” it.

Much better solution would be to provide a link / QR code to sign up via a form (even Google Forms)


I agree. :upside_down_face:

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@Efosasimon which software did you try?

Oh, Morphy mail, Send in blue, Amazon etc… They all required a website with a subscription list and paid SMTP. So didn’t achieve much but for a few 100 to 200 trial version samples which didn’t achieve much either.

@Efosasimon - thanks, I’d never heard of Morphy mail, will check them out

Definitely something I’ll suggest for next year’s product roadmap

Alright, I think their based in india


Hi @SimonG, we use mainly insta but sometimes and only with special friends and followers we reach out to them directly via whatsapp as it is even more personal. I think this is possible only as we still have a small amount of followers and superfans and we love them all!!! for a label or an artist with thousends, ten thousends or more fans the e-mail thing might be definitely more interesting.

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Interesting use of WhatsApp, I noticed the other day that WhatsApp introduced “communities” as a way of managing groups - this definietly makes it a better way to manage as things get larger. The concern is always data protection and security for members.

But good thought on WhatsApp, I’ll investigate this communities thing a bit more.