Does Beatport label music themselves or is it through iMusician?

Hello guys. Hope everyone is well and making music.

I release techno music on beatport. When submitting a release on iMusician, there are two options:

-Detroit Techno

And on Beatport, there are two genres which techno falls under:

-Techno (Raw, Deep)
-Techno (Peak time, Driving)

My question is, does beatport label the music themselves when they get the release or does it automatically get sorted into a genre after a distributor (iMusician in this case) gives them metadata?

Thanks for any replies!

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Hello @Jordisk

On Beatport with iMusician, I firstly published with the iMusician label in IM Electronica. For my latest EP, I have created a label & published it with iMusician too :point_down:

A2D music download - Beatport

The two options are possible depending on your subscription.

If you want more information, I’m sure that in the faq they are some available that could help you :wink:

FAQ Search | iMusician Beatport



Hi, my question doesn’t have anything to do with labels or subscriptions. Thanks.

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Hi @Jordisk

Someone from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request.

Please be patient. There is no work on weekends. That’s why you can’t expect a response until next week.

@Carlos @Maurizio can you help here? Thanks!



I will add that if you publish on beatport via iMusician electronic and dance metadata must be selected if you have a subscription that allow you to create a label on beatport via iMusician you can choose the kind of genre like techno or other.

Another link with Beatport manager to help you waiting :wink:

Beatport for Artists and Labels | Webinar w/ Beatport’s Steve Mill - YouTube

We do our best to answer you but of course we are like you only musicians :musical_score:


Hello @Jordisk,

Select the genre (Detroit Techno or Techno) when you create the release and, once we deliver it to Beatport, they will either keep the genre you assigned in the metadata or re-assign a more fitting genre if their team think it’s necessary.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi carlos, thanks for the reply. So the beatport team does indeed check and categorise the song right?


Yep, they filter and curate the content they receive as they high a high standard when it comes to genre coherence on their platform.