"Duplicated file detected" bug

I have two iMusician accounts.
On the first one, I uploaded a music for a release but finally I did not published this release and stopped at the payment step. Then I deleted this release from the account.
On the second account, when I try to upload the same file in order to add it in a release, a message says “Duplicate file detected. Please add the track from your library or verify if it’s associated with another account.”
It seems that when I delete a release, I can not use a music file associated to this release, even if it is deleted and never was published.
Is there some way of doing what i’m trying to do ?

hi @mizar.production , Let’s ask @Melani and @Carlos about that, Andi :v:

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Hey @mizar.production, can you please log into your accounts and clean up your track libraries ? You must delete any unused audio file in order to avoid this kind of error :slight_smile:

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Thanks Carlos, indeed I missed this step of deleting the tracks and not only the release. It’s working fine now.