Edit minor change old release

Hi there,
I´ve a question:
If i have an old release with 0% and i want to change something so simple like label info, i´ve to pay 100$ for it? if i do it, later, the next year my release returns to 0% as it is now?

thanks a lot!


  1. Old releases (Rockstar Regaular etc) remain exactly as they were, with 0% commission for Rockstar, with ContentID, with all shops etc. Maybe it is easier to clarify that the only thing that changed is support.

Hello @GuitarRec,

No, you don’t have to pay 100$ to modify your release. You need to upgrade to AMPLIFY+ in order to request a modification after delivery and this subscription is either yearly (100$/year, which is most likely what you’re referring to) or monthly (10$/month). If you only need AMPLIFY+ to modifiy this release, simply subscribe for one month only and switch back to the Free plan.

More info here :

In any case, your release will stay at 0% commission since these are the conditions available at the time of your order.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, it´s ok! thanks for the info.

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