Editorial playlist pitching


With AMPLIFY +, there is the feature called “Editorial playlist pitching”.
The information button says:
“Be eligible to be pitched by our team to official editorial playlists on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport, Apple Music & more.”

Does someone know how that works and what we have to do to compete?


Hey there,
I don’t know but would love to hear more about it!


Hi! Click on the Button in the imusician.app, choose your Playlist you want to send/pitch your track to. Then fill out the form. Be aware that you must change the spotify-link ttps://open.spotify.com/intl-de/track/5WN8vz5KnvE8qitum8w4tD" for example (one of my tracks) to ttps://open.spotify.com/track/5WN8vz5KnvE8qitum8w4tD".

The /intl-de gets away.

Otherwise it won’t work and you will get an error message. And then submit the form. Thats all…

And by the way, i worte ttps: instead of https because I dunno how to write a link down here in the community form without that it is recognized and changed to a real link … ?!? So use https:// not that you missunderstand me here.

And one last thing. You can copy your modified spotify-link and paste it into a new browser tab to ensure that your link is correct before submitting the form. This should link you to your track on spotify. Maybe the /intl-de could also be /intl-en or something else depending on the language settings. Just check out your spotify track link first.



Hello @Argo74

Thank you for your message. Yes, you are right, there is a tip to use if you want to apply for iMusician playlists on Spotify. For me it’s /intl-fr that must be removed.

But the option provided by AMPLIFY+ is still not clear, because the application you are talking about (apply for iMusician playlists) is open to anyone (even without any subscription). I understood that AMPLIFY+ was a way to reach the official Spotify playlists (made by Spotify) but I’m not sure.

All the best!

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I don’t have the service in the app, can someone do a screenshot ?


Thanks! I didn’t see that. However, it’s still about the playlist everyone can find and submit from iMusician’s website as @EMBmusic said.

Hello all @eriahummingbird @Argo74 @liamphanmusic @EMBmusic ! Hope the summer is going well, despite the weather being a roller caoster!

Actually, the service called Editorial playlist pitching refers to our internal pitching procedure. We have a dedicated team who is checking on the releases we receive and when we spot a good one, we are sending out to the available editorial playlists on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Beatport, Apple Music & more!

The eligible artists are being informed by us when this happens :slight_smile: but of course you can always submit your track to our playlists on Spotify! Just to make a small celebration, we just hit a new milestone!

Hope this helps and looking forward for your releases!


Oh okay that’s cool ! Would be cool to actually have a dedicated service for that (even if we need to pay for it) since at the moment they don’t accept artist submission.


Thank you @Melani , now that’s completely clear :+1:

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Some people sell this kind of service on the Internet. Most of them seem to be crooks… Yes, it would be better if this service was offered by a site we know.