End of the year deadlines 2022 🚀

Hey all, some dates for the diary that you’ll need to know if you’re releasing around Christmas time (it’s not us, some shops don’t accept releases over this time).

There’s a full article here if you want to read more

Please note: Express and Priority delivery are not available between December 9th, 2022, and January 2nd, 2023 .

What if I need support or a change to my release during the holidays?

Please note that due to the winter holidays, we will have limited support from December 19th, 2022 through January 2nd, 2023 . During these dates, you might experience support request response times longer than usual. Our Artist & Label Relations Team won’t be available on Monday, December 26th, 2022 as it’s a German bank holiday.

Also note that most stores and streaming platforms will have limited support, which could cause all change requests to take longer than usual.

Questions: Let us know and don’t forget to share your releases with the community! :headphones:


I sut up my next release to January 1st, that means will come out January 6?

Hello @CinoakaDJCino,

thanks for reaching out!
In order to have your release online on the 1st of January, it must be confirmed before the 8th of December.

I had a look at the account connected to your email address and I see that you have already submitted your release, and that it is already in the good hands of our delivery team. This means that you don’t have to do anything else :tada:

I’m sure we’ll meet again here in the Community, and I wish you a week full of music! :notes:


Thanks, Maurizio!

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