EP builder realease strategy

Hello everyone,

I am finalizing an EP with 4 songs and i was thinking about the release strategy.
I see the EP builder from iMusician but it have 2 single in it, and i don’t know if 2 single for a 4 songs EP is not a little too much, what are you thinking about this?

Is it better to buy a single and then an EP or to go with the EP builder and release 2 of the 4 tracks of the EP ?

Thanks for your help!

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Hey @Ciaran

Your question came a lot to me and there is no right answer. It depends… yey!

If your focus is to grow your fanbase and reach on streaming platforms, releasing as much as possible as singles is the right choice. You’ll be able to pitch each song individually and give them a full story. If you have the time and the budget, you can give a them a proper PR campaign with a music video so each single tells a story of the full EP or album story.

By experience, I love this strategy.

If your audience is more niche and is probably more into buying your vinyl/cd and listening to you on Bandcamp, I’d agree than a single is enough before unveiling the complete EP. Your fans will buy your record so you should let them the surprise and push your pre-orders that way.

Not sure that helps but let us know if you need more answers or clarifications!

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Hello @JJ_JJ is the EP Builder still available with all the new subscribption models? And how does the EP builder actually work? I can’t find any information on this anymore…

The packages we used to sold like the EP Builder aren’t available anymore. The strategy is still valid tho, you release two or three singles and then the EP to pitch the last track.

Ok, but how does it work? Do you have instructions on how to release and later bundle single tracks that belong together into an EP? Thank you for your reply!

When you’ll release your EP, you’ll include the tracks already released from your iMusician’s library so you don’t have to insert all the information again and add the new tracks you want to include in your EP and that’s it :slight_smile: If you have other questions, let us know.

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ok, thank you for your help!

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