EP on my you tube artist page and not "various artist"?


How can my EP be on my you tube artist page, I’m not sure but I understand it’s up to imusician to request Youtube? Today, my songs are on "various artist page ". How should I proceed please to put it on my page artist?

I also have a problem with Amazon - where despite several attempts to rectify my songs are not on the correct artist page.

Thank you.

Hello @Josepha! Good questions, sometimes is not very clear when and why are one’s songs in various artist page on YouTube. Your songs will be automatically delivered on either Topic Channels or Various Artists Channels, but once you have delivered more than three releases with us on YouTube we can issue a request for your YouTube Official Artist Channel :slight_smile:
(I will send you a private message to start the process)

And I get what you mean regarding Amazon, some platforms might take more or less time issuing requests. Have you tried getting in touch with their customer service? Maybe you can share with us the steps you did.