Error : artist name changed

Hi, I wrote my artist name in lowercase letters. But it changed.
My first release planned for today is not published yet.
Can you correct it as soon as possible please ?

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Hello @scara I’m a moderator doing my best to help you,

A faq from iMusician about the change you can do after a release.

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to confirm the info and correct it before it is released

The support is closed the week-end

- A DIY musician like you trying to help each other


Thank you…

Yes please because I wrote it well, I sent it in lowercase letters.
Should I send you my informations or they already find them with my email ?


Hello @scara

Do not publish personal info or email on the forum. The iMusician support @Maurizio or @Carlos will contact you.



Hey @scara,

I’ve checked the release + our system and I can confirm that the artist name has been provided to us like this:

Also, our interface cannot change aribtrarily your metadata.

I see that you have entered your artist name in lower caps under “℗ Nom du propriétaire de l’enregistrement” but that’s not what will determine your artist name on the streaming platforms.

Unfortunately at this stage, since the release has already been delivered to the shops, it’s not possible anymore to change the artist name I’m afraid.


Thank you for your answer.

I confirm without any doubt that I wrote it in lowercase in every Artist case.
I checked every detail (screenshot). It’s a change from Imusician website after submitting.

I payed the service with an express delivery
Difficult for me to remove the tracks and pay again for a mistake I didn’t…


Hello @scara,

I know that you’ve changed the artist name yesterday at 16:04 (our system tracks this) + the screenshot I’ve sent you clearly shows that you wrote “Sarah Trece” under “Artist details”. Again, our website simply cannot change automatically the data you enter.

Your release has already been delivered to the shops and it’s not possible anymore to change your artist name on it. If you want this release to be under “sarah trece”, you’ll have to request a takedown and recreate it after 4 weeks.

Best regards,

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You associate different informations.
You are sure about the system, I’m sure of what I sent.
I take note of the impossibility of correction.


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