Error en lanzamientos en el apartado canciones - Error in releases in the songs section

Tengo un problema con un lanzamiento, me dice que falta completar campos obligatorios en el apartado canciones y no veo nada más que añadir.
I have a problem with a release, it tells me that mandatory fields need to be completed in the songs section and I don’t see anything else to add.

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Hello @Samueldoblegarcia I’m a moderator doing my best to give you hints,

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to verify the mandatory fields that need to be completed

The support is closed the week-end

• A DIY musician in electronic music doing the same steps like you, trying to help each other :wink::ok_hand::notes:


Thank you, the problem is solved, I didn’t fill the compositor’s field.