Error when trying to create a new release

Error when creating a new release

(digital music distribution)

An error occurs when I try to finish the release process. I can’t finish the release because an error occurs at #1 (Distribution/Vertrieb).

I don’t know where this error comes from or how to fix it. Release= ok, Tracks= ok Sales= error.

Wording of the error message:

Some mandatory fields have not yet been filled in.

I do not know what kind of fields.

My subscription is Amplify, is already paid.

Hallo @Werner
I’ve checked quickly and it seems that for the first step you haven’t chosen yet the genre of the release neither the shops you want to deliver your release to. This has to be filled.

On the track level, you will need to change the track title to the proper name (I guess the same as the release title as it’s a single track release).

Let us know if you need more help.