Explicit Lyrics deactivate or start a Takedown

Hello musicians,
I accidentally activated the explicit switch when publishing a song. Is it possible to change this later even though the song has already been published? If yes how?
If not, what options are there for a song take-down. Unfortunately, the function in the dashboard is deactivated and does not seem to be working at the moment. I always just get a message to try again later.
Thank you.
Best wishes with music in my heart.

Hello @RicBMusic

thank you for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani from the iMusician Team will get back to you next week.


Hello @cantheproducer , taking it from here!

In order to edit a release that is online, you would need to subscribe to our AMPLIFY+ plan. However, I am happy to inform you that I was able to see that it was only related to this release 4066218799781. I forwarded the update request and we can make it free of charge.
For next times, please consider the following:

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,


Hello Melani,
Thank you for the quick and customer-friendly help. Is ii chanced now in the shops too?
Next time I will follow the instructions.
Best wishes with music in my heart.


Hey hey @RicBMusic , yes it has changed! Our quality team has actually told me that they removed it before delivery :slight_smile: