Favourite tracks from Round 3

Hello everyone

Voting for round 3 is underway and with other 200 tracks - I wanted to pull out some of my personal favourites

This is my personal opinion / taste, and I encourage anyone who has found a new favourite from the playlist to either drop it in the thread below or create a new thread in #connect:community-playlist

THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING TRACKS!!! I may even have to do a second post because I am still finding more!

First @asugita - I could really just imagine this as a backing track to a film montage with beautiful sandy beaches, but also the city at night. There’s a really pulling sadness to it that I find somehow uplifting, if anything, reminds be a bit of the Streets “Blinded by the Lights”

@Lollimoon - I always have a soft spot for some hard dance. This track has been added to my cycling playlist for some speedy uphill climbs (or just flying down along Sonnenallee in Berlin faster than the cars :smile: :bike: )

@Catania submitted this track - and what an amazing voice. I have an absolute love of just guitar / vocal tracks. As far as I can see this is the first solo release of the Artist (but there are a number of other tracks available if you, like me, get a little bit addicted to this voice). (Don’t be so hard has a beautiful melody)

Submitted by @Charel, I also have a love for this, released under the “World Music” genre - has a lot of samba style rhythms and vocals (for those of you that don’t know, I used to play in carnival Samba Bands and would genuinely put Olodum as one of my favorite bands). If you like Samba and are in Europe I recommend checking out the HUGE Coburg Samba festival

Submitted by @Latentgreat - I love this hazy Americana track - I’m pretty sure @Nicholas would also be a fan?

Incredible Italian track from @dileyuuh - absolutely beautiful production, lyrics and I love the addition of the strings (from Florence in Italy). I could listen to this again and again!

I just love this rock sound from @Andre_R - great sound - we had this on at a BBQ and it was definitely a hit. (It also reminds me of a band I used to listen to when I lived in the UK (Intraverse) and so I am glad now to find another band to give me the same “play it loud” feeling :smiley: ).

Submitted by @Diice - This track from 2014 is fast becoming an absolute favourite… My only question - what is the instrument in the background - sounds like a saxophone?

Check this out from @the.attic.shadows - definitely a band I’ll be following (hope to see you in Berlin soon ;). Absolutely amazing rock track and loving the level of bass there.

This from @Marie-Alice is :heart: Such beautiful piano, strings and the voice… I don’t know whether to feel sad or angry or happy - but I think everything is there.

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Thanks a lot for our position in your votes !
For answer, the instrument solo like a sax is a xaphoon :wink: bamboo with sax neck…

See here : MoiJe - Les Murs de l'opinion (clip) - YouTube
Thanks a lot again !

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Thank you Simon for your listening !
Gotta say that with 200 songs to listen to, at some point in the process I had to stop ^^
That being said, it shows how much the playlist is a great idea :slight_smile:
I now know you I will vote for @diletta :wink:


@Diice Amazing! I never knew that this existed

I thought it was sax sounding but not one I have ever heard…

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@asugita Did you mean @dileyuuh ?

I absolutely love that track. After watching Eurovision on Saturday - I think that this could (would) have beaten Loreen :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for listening. I’m glad you like the song.

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Thank youu! <3 Let us run back faster than any car. I´m very happy that you like my single. :slight_smile: :lollipop:

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