February Sales still not showing , and It Is June

Where are february payouts and Sales report?We are in June, this Is a 6 months delay.


Hello @FonzyVincent , thanks for your message!

It is actually expected behaviour sicne we receive sales data after 2/4 months since the current month. So, to be clear, February sales data can only be retrieved on the month of June!

And spoiler alert :slight_smile: we are just working on them! Please bear with us few days more and meanwhile have a read here.

Talk soon, ciao ciao!

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Hi. I just downloaded my sales data and noticed that the Spotify and Deezer streams (around thirty in total) for the month of February were not recorded, despite their applications (Spotify for Artists and Creators) showing them. Can anyone tell me where they went (disappeared?).
Thank you.

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