Feedback required, nothing in release issues

My release was supposed to be online last week. On the releases tab it says Feedback required, but Release issues are empy. Is there something I should do? Why is it not released yet? I wrote on helpdesk and got no anwser.


Hello @kocjancic.matej,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for letting me know about the issue.

Your release is being delivered right now so it should be online within the next few hours.

I answered your message in the helpdesk and I stay at your disposal if you need me for anything else.

Have a great day!

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Exactly the same happened in my case. And it’s a little uncomfortable because I don’t know if it’s a mistake on my part.


I have the same problem with my upcoming Release “Palm”. The Release Tab says “Feedback required”, but it doesn’t show me what information is required. I have already written an e-mail, but have not received a response.


Today i got an E-Mail, and we fixed the Problem. Thanks! :+1:


Hello @Flo_LeBeau,

I see that your last release passed our quality checks and will be online on January 13th. Please let me know if there’s anything I’m missing :slight_smile:


hi there @CanMusic,

I can see that you’ve just answered our email and sent a new artwork. We are on it right now.
My colleagues will get back to you in the next few minutes.

All the best,


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